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Hi there, lovely visitors! I'm Emily 💛

I found my love for personal analytics at university where I studied for a degree in Business Analytics in the department of Management Science at Lancaster University. The course included modules about spreadsheets and statistics as well as topics like systems thinking and project management.

My degree, alongside my journey of learning about neurodiversity, sparked an interest in using these skills to help others thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

An important part of my university experience was the Lancaster Autistic Social Society which I had the incredible opportunity of bringing back to life, fostering an inclusive and supportive community for fellow neurodivergent individuals.


Beyond my work, I love hosting tea parties for my friends and gathering for fun game nights or 'knit and natter' sessions. You'll quickly notice my love for color-coordinating everything, from my outfits to my workspace, adding a touch of joy to both my life and work.


If you like to sit down with a cosy mug of tea, some rainbow crafting and a good natter, you're in the right place!

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