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Adulting sucks, but your to-do list doesn't have to.

Winging It!



The Mallard Beta is here! Web app, weekly coaching, and launch events - all designed for you.


launch events

Sign up before the 20th July to access our exclusive launch events and extra goodies!

Small Wins vs Big Stressors Webinar

Learn how to use your to-do list to maximise your wellbeing. This webinar dives into Mallard's unique "small wins vs big stressors" feature, helping you conquer overwhelm and achieve your goals.

Monday 22nd July  |  5pm BST

what is mallard?

The to-do list that prioritises itself.

Your brain's new best friend. Prioritise tasks with ease, connect with a supportive community, and take control of your day.

Reduces decision fatigue

Stop wasting time choosing what to do next. Mallard prioritises your tasks based on effort, importance, stress, and enjoyment, so you can focus on getting things done.

Designed for neurodiversity

Feeling like traditional to-do lists just don't work for you? Mallard's features are built with neurodiversity in mind, helping you work smarter, not harder.


Find your people

You're not alone! Connect with a welcoming community of like-minded individuals who share your experiences. Get support, share tips, and celebrate your achievements in a safe and encouraging space.

Stay accountable

Don't let your to-do list become a to-maybe list ever again. Mallard's features and supportive community help you stay on track and achieve your goals.


no payment details needed!

We won't take your money unless you decide to stay. Try Mallard with no credit card required, then upgrade to our £12/month membership if you love it. We'll also send you a friendly reminder before your trial ends so you can make an informed decision.

Mallard Membership (Free Trial)



Experience Mallard risk-free. No credit card required.

Valid for 10 days

Prioritise tasks, manage stress, & boost productivity

Mallard web-app

Weekly body-doubling sessions

Weekly group mentoring sessions

Access to the Emyflorence discord server


Is Mallard free?

Mallard offers a 10-day free trial with full access to all features. After the trial period, a paid membership is required for continued use.

Will my membership automatically renew after the free trial?

No, your membership will not automatically renew after the free trial. You'll receive a reminder before the trial ends so you can decide if you want to pay to continue your membership.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely! You can easily cancel your subscription at any time directly through your account settings. There are no hidden fees or cancellation charges.

Will Mallard work on my device?

Currently, Mallard is available as a web app through Coda. You can access a mobile version via the free Coda app.

Does Mallard offer any integrations with other apps?

Currently, Mallard does not offer integrations with other apps. However, we are exploring ways to integrate with popular tools in the future.

Why is Mallard named after a duck?

Because I like ducks.

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