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Life Analyser

I'm currently using to manage my personal 'Life Analyser' app. For this project I am collecting data about my life and analysing the correlations between my mood and different activities I do.

I am just beginning the process of developing this into a web app as I believe it would be extremely helpful to those who struggle with time and energy management such as people with executive functioning disorder.



Mi lernas Esperanto! Mi estas komencanto, sed mi lernas rapide. Mi volas esti poligloto, mi volas paroli la italan, la hispanan, kaj la francan.

Colour Friends

Colour Friends is a small social network based on synesthesia and how we perceive one another.


This brings together my interests in personality tests, improving communication, and looking at pretty graphs!


I hope to develop this into a web app soon. 


I've just finished knitting a stuffed elephant, and am also knitting myself a cardigan as well as a couple of hats!


I have an interest in history, especially family history and genealogy. It is a dream of mine to be able to see all of the data I have collected on a timeline map, and on the system I have at the moment my favourite bit is the word cloud showing popular names within the family!

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