Hi, I'm Emily.


I'm currently studying Management and Information Technology at Lancaster University. The course is a combination of Management and Computer Science

accredited by Tech Partnership Degrees.

I LOVE organising things, planning makes me very happy! I enjoy helping others plan their projects and their learning. The main reason I am studying Management and IT is because I would love to become a technical project manager.

Last year I took a gap year to self-study further maths a-level. I used my skills and love of helping people to help support myself through my gap year by tutoring students as well as designing web pages and other projects. See the 'Web Design' page for the webpages I have worked on and published. 

I currently spend most of my time in classes and studying, but in my free time I enjoy reading, sewing, singing and baking; I have been known to hold tea parties with my friends!

I am also passionate about the climate and am actively involved in being sustainable as an individual.